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Cannabis Business Human Resources

Greenleaf HR is the leading cannabis human resource management company headquartered in Central California. After two decades, the Greenleaf HR professionals help serve the human resource management needs of a variety of cannabis-based companies across the country — simplifying human resource management for all their clients.


Focus On What You Do Best

At Greenleaf HR we are proud to support the cannabis industry - the businesses and its people.

Designed specifically for the cannabis industry, Greenleaf HR eliminates the overwhelming back-office cost and complexities associated with running a business so you can focus on what’s really important.

As the cannabis industry continues to grow and help improve the health and happiness of its growing community, Greenleaf HR realizes the need to protect your investments. Together, our industry of experts in human resources, business development, and 280E tax law can help navigate this highly regulated industry keeping you compliant and protected.

Our Commitment

We Will:

Consistently perform at the highest level, putting high quality and timely customer service to clients and their employees above all else.

We Will:

Strive to continuously improve upon processes and provide our valued insight to all business challenges and opportunities.

We Will:

Focus on the identification and resolution of problems and not on placing blame or uncovering individual faults.

We Will:

Keep an open mind, ready for learning and growing.

We Will:

Respect the company and its initiatives, challenging others to understand them when appropriate and challenging ourselves to see the bigger picture when unclear.

Cannabis Industry HR & Payroll Professionals

Two Decades of Experience

The cannabis industry is new and ever changing. Don't let the complexities of regulation and compliance keep you from you doing what you set out to do. Greenleaf HR's team is not only cannabis-savvy, but it's made up of accomplished industry professionals. In other words this isn't our first rodeo so to speak.

Proprietary Industry Technology

We look at every client as a partnership in growth and success. You succeed and your business grows, and we succeed and grow. It's kind of a win-win. We always strive to provide service that goes above and beyond the traditional 'consultant' role and genuinely want to help you securely grown your business.


Trade Association Memberships



American Payroll Association


California Growers Association


National Cannabis Industry Association


Society for HR Management

California Cannabis Industry Association

California Cannabis Industry Association

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