Cannabis Business Banking & Financial Services

FDIC Insured Banking for the Cannabis Industry

Free Cannabis Banking Brochure

Finally, a cannabis business bank account for operating and legacy cash.

Full-Service Banking

Banking services that meet the highest standard in compliance. Concierge banking with the features of a traditional bank account to operate your cannabis business while reducing the dangers & risk of cash handling, all with zero limits on cash deposits.

Oversight & Compliance

As part of ongoing oversight, our teams work with your member bank, banking liaisons, & cash depositories to keep accurate compliance records in order to meet FinCEN, BSA, KYC guidelines & requirements in addition to other compliance-related monitoring and reports.

Cannabis Business Banking Made Easy

Online Access

Control funds from anywhere.

Local Cash Logistics

For ongoing revenue deposits.

Concierge Service

Personalized monitoring. 

FDIC Insured

Immediate availability of funds upon deposit and issuance of Safe Keeping Receipt (SKR).

Ease of Use

Services include a debit card, mobile wallet, e-Check capabilities, ACH transfers, armored car cash logistics, and more.

Third-Party Connectivity

Like payroll services, online bill-pay, e-commerce vendors, tax payments, or other services with ACH.

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